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Why Is My Cat Urinating In the House? The Top 3 Reasons

If you find your cat urinating in the house, there’s probably an important reason.

This is a problem that many cat owners face. In fact, this is the most common reason cat owners give up their cats to shelters. Even worse, other owners abuse their cats out of sheer frustration and annoyance.

Here’s the kicker: if your cat is urinating in the house (also known as “inappropriate elimination”), it’s not probably not the cat’s fault, but your fault.

In this article, we’ll cover the the top 3 reasons why your cat is urinating in the house instead of his litterbox:

Reason 3: The Litterbox Smells Like $#@&

If I were to ask you, “how often do you flush your toilet?”, you would answer “every time I go to the bathroom”.

(At least I hope so )

If you’ve ever been to a dirty public restroom, or a developing country with poor sanitation systems, you’re probably familiar with how disgusting human waste is when it’s left around.

Now, let’s apply this to cats.

See, a cat’s sense of smell is extremely powerful. Much more sensitive than our own. Taking this into account, combined with cat’s natural instinct to be extremely clean all the time, it’s easy to see why cats abhor dirty litter boxes.

So even though you think your cat can hang in there for a few more days before you change his litterbox, your cat is already feeling repulsed and upset.

A wild cat would never do his bathroom duties in the same area as before. So naturally your cat may urinate in your house if he can’t stand the condition of his litterbox. That’s bad news for your carpet.

Reason 2: His Litter Box Size or Type of Litter

First of all, the size of your cat’s litter box is important. If the litter box is too small for your cat, your cat may not like it and choose to pee elsewhere instead. Cats find bigger litter boxes more inviting and will be more likely to pee in those as opposed to urinating in the house.

The type of litter you choose is also important.

You want give your cat the most natural, inviting litter possible. This happens to be clumping clay litter that are not scented.

I repeat: use unscented cat litter.

It may smell better for you, but cats are extremely sensitive to deodorizers. Most cats dislike scented litter.

And for the love of God, do not spray perfume or deodorizers around the litter box. Your cat absolutely cannot stand this.

Yes, this does mean that you will have to actually clean your cat’s litterbox more often.

Some cats also find plastic liners annoying since their claws get stuck in them.

Reason 1: Your Cat Has A Serious Medical Condition

If your cat is urinating in your house, there may be a serious reason behind this behavior.

Cats can develop a urinary tract disorder known as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). This used to be known as Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS).

If your cat has this condition, he feels pain as he’s peeing.

Eventually, he associates the pain with he litterbox and tries to avoid the litterbox altogether.

The bad news is, this disease can be life threatening if ignored. That’s why it’s crucial you figure out why your cat is urinating in the house, just in case he has FLUTD.

If you notice that your cat shows one or more of these signs, take it to the vet right away:

  • Being noticeably in pain while urinating (such as crying)
  • Blood in pee
  • Going to his litterbox more than usual, with and without actually peeing
  • Straining to urinate
  • Squatting in the litterbox for an extended amount of time

By the way, many feline urinary tract problems can be avoided altogether by feeding your cat canned food instead of dry food. The reason is that canned food has more water and less carbohydrates when compared to dry cat food.

What Never to Do If Your Cat Is Urinating In The House

If you catch your cat urinating in the house, never, ever punish him. Punishing your cat when he pees in your house does nothing to correct the problem. All it does is create fear and distrust towards you. This creates a vicious cycle of more cat behavior problems.

The most important thing is to first figure out the cause of your cat’s urinating in the house. If it’s a medical condition, take your cat to the vet right away. If it has something to do with the litter box, then do your duty as his owner and make him as comfortable as possible for your cat to eliminate inside the litter box.

Here’s the bottom line: your cat urinating in the house is sign that you need to start paying attention to him more. Click here to learn about steps you can take to retrain your cat to use the litter box.

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